Cloud Manage is currently not supported by IDrive® BMR version 7.0.0 and above.

Remotely manage your devices from anywhere!

The web console allows you to remotely access your IDrive BMR device interface from anywhere, even external networks. Manage backup and restore operations/settings on the device effortlessly.

Know more on accessing the IDrive BMR device

Other than the cloud manage feature, you can use the web console to monitor cloud replication, change the cloud storage policy, manage users, order Express restore device, and more.

Manage IDrive® BMR devices via cloud

  • Recover backed up VMs to the same or a different VM

    Connect remotely

    View and manage all the devices linked to your account

  • Add your ESXi hosts and vCenter servers for backup

    Remote access

    Initiate backups, monitor device health, view logs, and more

  • Add your ESXi hosts and vCenter servers for backup


    Configure backup notifications, network, and device settings


  • All users can access their IDrive BMR device from the web console by default.
  • If the IDrive BMR device is purchased through a reseller, the reseller will have access to your IDrive BMR device with automatic login through the Partner Management feature.
  • In case of IDrive BMR devices with firmware version 8.3.0 or older, access to the device web interface is established via a remote access window.