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Recovering Hard Drives

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Recovering Hard Drives

Using IDrive Disk Clone, you can quickly restore your hard drives.

Steps to recover your hard drive:
  1. Launch the IDrive application.
  2. Click the 'Clone/Computer Backup' button on the LHS.

  3. The 'Clone/Computer Backup' screen appears. Click 'Disk Clone'.

  4. Go to the 'Restore Drive Image Data' tab.

  5. Click to browse and select the disk image file you wish to restore.
  6. Select the destination drive for restoring the disk image file. The size of the destination drive should be more than that of the disk image file.
  7. Click 'Restore Now'. The drive will be restored to your computer.

    Note: Restoring a disk image overwrites all the existing drive contents with the image file.