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IDrive Online Backup for Mac Now Out of Beta

IDrive Online Backup for Mac Now Out of Beta

August 22, 2008 5:29 PM EDT

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Aug. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Pro Softnet Corporation, a leader in the Storage-as-a-Service, Online Backup and Storage market, today announced that its newest offering, IDrive for Mac is now out of beta.

IDrive (https://www.idrive.com/) for Mac application was released in beta in April 2008, and has been quite popular with the Mac community and continues to remain one of the very few options for online backup on the Mac platform. "The application for Mac has reached some significant milestones in features, reliability and performance and is ripe for the beta tag removal," said Sreedhar Acharya, Project Manager for Mac applications at IDrive.

IDrive offers IDrive for Mac, the automated online backup and restore application, and the Finder Plugin, which mounts the backup space as a volume (or a drive) on the Mac OS X and can be used for drag-n-drop both ways.

Currently IDrive is the only provider that offers this flexibility of traditional scheduler application and the user-friendly drag-n-drop option via the Finder Plugin.

IDrive Online Backup is, in a nutshell, fast, simple, secure and reliable. IDrive's competitive advantage in the fragmented online backup marketplace lies in its breadth of features and performance. IDrive clearly outperforms the rest in its segment by a factor of 30% for both backups and restores. It has an intuitive interface which makes it very easy to use. Users can install the application and perform scheduled or immediate backup in minutes. IDrive also performs true archiving, meaning that it does not delete data on the account even if the data is deleted on the desktop.

Other key features of IDrive for Mac include wire compression during transfers, 128-bit SSL encryption, advanced block level incremental transfers, and snapshots for historical view of backups for past 10 days. A full featured 2GB account is offered free, with options to upgrade to a Pro plan starting at $4.95/month for 150 GB, similar to the Windows offer.

About IDrive:
IDrive (https://www.idrive.com/), a service of Pro Softnet Corp., is one of the leading services in the field of online backup and is possibly world's most popular online backup service (courtesy: Alexa). PC World recently named it as one of the Best 101 Freebee products for 2008. The technology behind IDrive has received many accolades, among which the latest being, Best of the Bunch rated by PC World, the Editor's Choice pick and the PC Pro award winner.