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IDriveSync, a New Cloud Sync and Share Service From the Makers of IDrive Online Backup

IDriveSync, a New Cloud Sync and Share Service From the Makers of IDrive Online Backup

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Pro Softnet Corporation, a leader in the Storage-as-a-Service, Online Backup and Storage market, today announced release of IDriveSync, a Synchronization and Sharing application.

IDriveSync (http://www.idrivesync.com) is a Sync and Share application that offers Sync up to 5 PCs and Share functionality up to 10 PCs. Currently offered on Windows platform, there is a 2GB free option, and an Unlimited Storage option for $4.95/Month, a first in the Sync segment of online storage.

"We have recently released a beta version of IDriveSync, a sync and share solution based on our popular IDrive Online Backup technology. Here's how IDriveSync provides maximum functionality at a terrific price-point:

1. Its primary function is to Sync and Share. It can sync the data you define on your PC across multiple PCs faster than most competing services, especially when you try to sync large folders and files. All you need to do is to install the application on multiple PCs and login. To Share, right click on any file or folder and enter the email address of the person you wish to share it with. You can Sync up to 5 PCs and Share up to 10 email addresses.

2. Security -- Data is encrypted on storage and during transmission. Additionally you have an option to select a private encryption key. Very few Sync providers have this functionality.

3. Price – IDrive Sync has the best pricing in the Sync/Share world. 2GB free and only $4.95 a month for Unlimited Storage! It is simple, easy to use, affordable and secure Sync and Share solution for Windows PCs. We expect to add capabilities to Sync and Share Macs and Linux devices as well in union with Windows." said Raghu Kulkarni, President and CEO of Pro Softnet Corp.

"Pro Softnet uses proprietary back-end technology and does not rely on third party systems. We manage our own infrastructure and have significant experience in managing multiple petabytes of storage for both IBackup and IDrive services. Due to abundance of experience and expertise and control within most aspects of this technology, IDrive Sync offers users an integrated Sync and Share experience that is faster, secure and cheaper compared to most.

This also conforms with our cloud strategy of providing cloud based offerings in the field of online backup, storage, Sync, Share and Remote Access for PCs, Macs, Linux and Mobile devices for every type of data from a simple contact list to your most advanced databases." said Samson P., Team Lead at IDrive.

About IDrive and IDrivesync:
IDriveSync (http://www.idrivesync.com) is a new Sync and Sharing service launched today by Pro Softnet Corp.

IDrive (https://www.idrive.com), a service of Pro Softnet Corp., is one of the leading services in the field of online backup and combined with IBackup (https://www.ibackup.com) offers one of the world's most popular online backup services for both Windows and Mac (courtesy: Alexa). PC World recently named it as one of the Best 101 Freebee products. The technology behind IDrive has received many accolades, among which the latest, Best of the Bunch rated by PC World, the Editor's Choice pick and the PC Pro award winner.