Device Information Report

To view the BMR device status for a user, in the BMR User Report tab, click Device Information corresponding to the user. You can find the following information on the dashboard:

Manage settings

Local Storage

It indicates the storage capacity used on the BMR device.

Cloud Storage

It displays the amount of cloud storage used.

An overview detailing the device's storage consumption, cloud transfer status, backup status, and hardware information is available for this user.

Device Overview

Displays the Device IP Address, LAN Link Speed, System Health status.


Detailed reports of the BMR device resource usage. Check the device's memory capacity, CPU count and other details.


View the Last Backup information, Uptime, and the BMR Firmware Version.


Physical Machines

It provides an overview of all the physical machines that have been backed up for this user, including information like machine name, backup size, system information, and the last 10 backup status.

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It displays an overview of all the VMs backed up for this user. It includes information like VM name, size of the backup, system information and the last 10 backup status.

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Remotely manage the user's BMR device

BMR Partner Portal allows you to perform various administration functions on behalf of the user, via browser-based remote access of the user's BMR server.

Schedule backups

Perform an immediate incremental or full backup of the machines on the BMR server or schedule their backups.

Create restore points

Initiate data recovery by creating file-level recovery points or virtual instances of your physical machines and VMware servers.

Manage settings

Manage notification settings for BMR server and BMR backup operations.

Know more

1. In the case of BMR devices with firmware version 8.3.0 or older, access to the device web interface is established via a remote access window.
2. The end user can disable this access any time via the BMR server interface. Go to ‘Settings’ > 'Control Panel' > 'Partner Manage'.

Create custom alerts for managed devices

Monitor devices on behalf of users, as a recipient of critical device alerts and notifications. You can custom-configure your alerts system for every user and specify your email address, and additional addresses if necessary, for receiving these notifications.


The partner portal allows you to configure your alerts for:

  • Local and cloud backup operations
  • Hardware failures and issues
  • Storage volume thresholds
  • Service failures and issues

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