Data Backup using Synology Express

Data Backup

Data Backup

Speed up data transfers from your NAS devices to the cloud account via Synology Express. A temporary storage device is shipped to you by IDrive, wherein you can transfer your files. Your data is secured during transfer and storage using 256-bit AES encryption, with an optional private key.

To perform an immediate express backup of your files and folders,
  1. Go to the 'Express Backup' tab in the Synology Backup app page and select the express device, from 'Local Backup Location' drop down menu, to which you want to backup your data.
  2. Select the files/folders for backup. The selected files/folders appears in the 'Contents of Backup Set' section.
  3. Click 'Backup Now' to start the express backup operation.

Note: You can exclude individual files/folders (for e.g. file extension like tmp), which may be part of the backup set, from being backed up to your account. From the 'Select files/folders for Express Backup' list, click the drop-down arrow against the respective file/folder and click 'Add to Exclude List'.

If you wish to stop the express backup operation once the backup is in progress, click 'Stop Backup'.